Infinite Tattoos Review

Feb 19, 13 Infinite Tattoos Review

Nearly every tattoo parlor has a set selection of tattoos to choose from. Often, there are some great tattoos in the portfolio. But there are a million more designs in the world and given the permanence of tattoos, it’s worth doing your due diligence. So turning towards online databases allows you so many more options to chose from.

Infinite Tattoos is one of the largest, best selling tattoo databases on the web. And it’s there for a reason. Check out our review for more:




The database includes some incredible designs

Having a large quality selection is obviously important, otherwise why not just use the book from the tattoo parlor? Infinite Tattoo’s selection is absolutely massive. They have over 15,000 designs in over 34 categories. You can literally search through their database for days or weeks without seeing everything. Luckily, the site is very well organized. So if you have a certain niche or design in mind, it’s relatively easy to find it. Granted, with 15,000 designs you are still going to have to do some searching, but it’s nearly as good as it can get. And really, it’s hard to parse more choice in a bad light. The selection is phenomenal and absolutely worth checking out.




Quantity wouldn’t mean much if the designs weren’t also quality. And for the most part they are. Of course, when you are talking about 15,000 designs, you are bound to find a few stinkers. And there certainly were some unimpressive ones in the mix. But I would wager that nearly 90% of the database that I’ve seen are quality designs that I could realistically see someone choosing. They are high definition and would be easy for an experienced artist to replicate.




For what you are getting, the price is extremely reasonable at 7.95. They do give a free trial offer to allow you to get a feel for their artists’ work, but the money is well worth the product they provide. When it comes to getting permanent art put onto your skin, money really shouldn’t be one of your major concerns. It’s worth the price of meal.


Overall Impression


You'll find incredible designs like these

One of my personal favorites

Personally, I think Infinite Tattoos is a no brainer. It has an awesome selection that is both deep and filled with quality artwork. The artist they employ are clear professional and the artwork is exclusive to Infinite Tattoo. It’s hard to imagine there’s a design you have in mind that they haven’t already done. So do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s well worth the asking price.

Check out Infinite Tatoo

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Cool Tattoo Designs

Feb 03, 13 Cool Tattoo Designs

With the right design and the right artist, a tattoo can be one of the coolest forms of art. And best of all, you can become a walking museum. Check out these awesome and totally cool tattoo designs!


Cool-Back-Tattoo-Design-for-ManAn undead pirate is always a good choice for a back tattoo, especially when it is designed and executed this well. You’d need to find a legitimately talented tattoo artist to pull this one off, but damn if it’s not an absolutely cool tattoo design.

Cool Tattoo Designs and Pictures_0639-ncFirefighters deserve our respect and it’s hard not to respect this one. These men and women put their lives on the line every day for next to no pay – often actually no pay. Plus, this is just an awesome design!

shoulder-cool-tattoo-ideasI love tattoos that wrap the bicep up to the shoulder, especially when it’s an awesomely designed dragon. It’s also easy enough to cover up under clothes if necessary.

cool-tattoo-designs-for-footThis cool tattoo design leaves me speechless. It’s absolutely visionary and perfectly executed. Imagine the first time a guy sees her naked…

Cool-Butterfly-Tiger-Tattoo-DesignEyes on the tattoo fellas…

1357613-cool_spiderman_chest_tattooIt’s impossible not to marvel (pun intended) at this unbelievable design! And it would be doubly impossible to not feel badass everytime you looked at yourself in the mirror. This is, by far, the coolest tattoo design we’ve seen.







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Chopper Tattoo

Jan 30, 13 Chopper Tattoo

Tattoos are an imprint. They leave a lasting reminder of the person you are and the character you possess. Our natural appearance is the result of chance, genetics and the environment. But tattoos allow us to permanently imprint our character on our physical appearance. So choosing the right design to represent the meaning and significance that you will attribute to the tattoo is critical.

When personally deciding on my own tattoos, I spent months searching for the design that fit the idea in my head. In the end, I turned towards Chopper Tattoo to finally find my design. Chopper Tattoo provides a massive database of award winning tattoo designs, substantially larger in scale and scope than any tattoo parlor I’ve seen.

Within their database I found loads of great design ideas. Given my Irish heritage and love of Celtic culture, I wanted a tattoo to represent my present connection with those historical and cultural meanings that influence my life and my outlook. Initially, I was excited by this design:

Back Celtic Shouler Tattoos For Men

But honestly, as incredible as the design is and as badass as it definitely looks, I didn’t think it captured enough of Celtic culture.  I leave the design for other, perhaps more adventurous folks. Ultimately, I decided on Celtic tree tattoo. Celtic culture held trees in high regard, believing that they were the residence for mystical fairies. Druid culture is fundamentally founded around the relationship between people and their environment, with specific attention to trees. Here’s what I chose:


I love the design and have remained happy with my decision long since the pain dulled. So if you are considering getting a tattoo, I recommend it. But really consider the design and significance that design will hold. I’m glad I took time and energy to find art that really does capture my spirit and which represents the person that I am.

If you’d like to take a look at Chopper Tattoos, and I recommend you do, you can visit their site at

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The Traveling Pen

Jan 29, 13 The Traveling Pen

Tattoos can remind us of where we’ve been, where we are going and who we are. They are symbols of our past, our present and our future. These tattoos capture the beauty of the world around us and bring us a constant reminder of the wonders that we might behold in this world.




This stunning tattoo is simple, yet elegant. A map within our hands. It’s hard to know just what it may signify to its owner, but to me, I see that the world is within our grasp. While we are faced with daily challenges, struggles and hurdles, we must always remember that we have the strength to move the world.


America do Norte, if you weren’t aware, translates to North America. This arm tattoo shows the whole of North America, and includes a sail boat and compass, hearkening back to the explorative nature of some of the continents ancestors.


This skyline tattoo may be the coolest of the bunch, sporting the reflection of towering buildings in the calm river below.


Anyone who has lived in a city knows how important it is to understand your subway system. Perhaps this is taking it a bit too far… but who’s to say?

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More Cool Tattoo Designs

Jan 18, 13 More Cool Tattoo Designs

Here are some more super cool tattoo designs.

Wicked cool Tribal Tattoo


This is a wicked cool tribal tattoo stretching across a young man’s back. Even a mediocre artist could likely pull something like this off, but it still looks absolutely awesome!

Tiger TatooDo you have a soft side? No better way to capture that than a massive tattoo of baby tiger with giant blue eyes.

Funny-Leg-Tattoo-Design-for-WomenWhoever came up with this is a genius. It’s hard to believe that this really is a tattoo, and not just some clever photography. But it really, really is real. This might be among the best of the cool tattoo designs we’ve seen.

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